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I've been a seed saver for over 20 years, focusing primarily on crops that contribute to a year-round food supply in my area. To that end I do a lot of trialling in order to identify suitable varieties. Increasingly I'm interested in staple crops, including winter wheats, barley, oats, amaranth, sorghum, and most recently, rice. I regularly request seed from the USDA NPGS to support my projects. A friend and I are developing a website where growers of landrace and heritage grains can network and share seeds. Finding out what borderline crops will thrive in my region has always intrigued me, so I've experimented with sweet potatoes and regularly grow peanuts. For nine years I distributed a seed catalogue, Solstice Seeds—offering exclusively open-pollinated varieties—, which I have now passed on to my young neighbor farmer. As a born Swiss, I'm a member of the Swiss seed saving organization ProSpecieRara, and maintain several rare or endangered varieties for them. My garden also includes many permaculture elements including fruit and nut trees, hardy kiwi, pawpaws, honeyberries, and Korean bush cherries. My deep belief in the importance of biodiversity and the need to preserve older varieties fuels my work.
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