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I studied vocational agriculture in school in the 1990s. I spent 20+ years as a florist. I enjoy gardening with my younger son, he mostly just eats them, but he can identify quite a few edible plants everywhere we go.
Favorite Crops & Least Favorite Crops
I like growing anything that might grow. I have done well with pumpkins, cucumber, white valerian (probably 5 years old), common chives, comfrey (in a pot), collards, Jerusalem artichokes, tomatoes, assorted mints, everbearing strawberries, etc. Along the entire brook boarder and wooded side by the parking area we have Japanese Knotweed. It grows upriver and is a mixed (Bohemian) variety because the seedlings are just starting to resemble the parent plants and in some parts of the lawn I pull handfuls.
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Over 10 hrs
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Nice backyard (401 - 2500 sq. ft)
Soil Details
The front area is very dry full sun. Grows yarrow, grass and dandies. The 2 sides of the house are sloped. The side area by the driveway is rocky fill that slopes up to Japanese Knotweed and then trees. The lower backyard is moist and Japanese knotweed lines the brook, I pulled and injected (alcohol or vinegar) areas so we can view the brook
There is a farm about 3 miles from here. They never know what variety any of it is, I know they practice IPM and have a CSA.
Other relevant information
We have a large assortment of birds and other animals. We bought the house Spring of 2018 so everything here is still new to us. We do have several patches of Japanese Knotweed which means I would never be able to send any materials containing soil, sending seeds would not be a problem.