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South Jersey Hopniss from seed in South Jersey for tuber size

Trialing Hopniss from seed of South Jersey origin in South Jersey. Attempting to obtain grow for tuber size as well as seed production.

Utilizing seeds ordered from The EFN store I am attempting to germinate 20 Hopniss seeds of South Jersey-hereafter abbreviated as SNJ- in SNJ. My goal is to obtain a strain that produces tubers of a larger size as well as produces seed as it seems that SNJ is the geographic cut off line for seed production. I will be starting the seeds in a light seed starting mix using supplemental heat to encourage germination and then planting them outside into prepared areas.

Researcher background
I am a gardener with an interest in permaculture. We produce a large percentage of our own food and due to composting have an approximate 5-15% food waste in our household depending on the season. This is my first foray into this kind of experiment. We grow many perennial fruits and Hopniss sparked my interest especially since SNJ is a geographic cut off line for seed production.
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No, do not require volunteers.
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United States

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Successful Germination

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Saturday, April 27, 2024 - 10:38

After obtaining seeds from EFN , a total of 20 seeds, they were placed in potting soil mix in peat pots and placed in a seed starting tray with a dome lid and placed on a heat mat. There was no germination testing of the seeds since they are wild collected. While originally I believed only 13 seeds of the 20 had germinated, as of tonight 15 seeds have germinated. That is a 75% germination rate on untested, wild collected seed. Very happy with these results. These will be potted up and then planted out into prepared areas once weather settles.