Botanic Farms

Full Name
jay ram
Member for
3 months
Volunteer Background
45 years experience in tropical, desert, and Mediterranean perennial agriculture including tree crops, bush crops, vine crops, tropical perennial vegetables, temperate perennial vegetables and cactus for vegetable and fruit production. Also medicinal crops including greenhouse Turmeric culture, large scale production on Kava, Neem, Noni, and others. Research and development of new crops for challenging environments such as the very wet tropics, extreme arid deserts, and small islands and atolls.
Favorite Crops & Least Favorite Crops
Cactus for food, especially Opuntia, Moringa stenopetala, Sauropus androgynus, Gynura, Chaya (Cnidosculous chayamansa), fruit and nut crops (especially Mediterranean such as pomegranate, fig, grape, olives, etc.) , perennial medicinals, and curcurbits.
Growing Experience
Growing food
Starting seeds
Growing perennials
Hand pollination
Time Commitment
2-5 hrs
Growing Location
Space Available
Big field (1 - 5 acre)
Soil Details
Carsitas sandy loam. Desert soil derived from granite.
Soil Type
Neighbors' Crops (within 1/4 mile)
Date plams, landscape nursury
Neighbors' crops (within 1 mile)
Date palms, landscape nursery
Possible GMOs in the neighborhood...
Other relevant information
Rabbits in some areas only
Research and development for Opuntia cactus fruit quality and production. Field trials currently active.