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Kirk Shaunfield
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1 year 5 months
Volunteer Background
I am an independent researcher and homesteader. I completed my 144hr PDC with the Bullock Brothers in 2001. I moved to Iowa in 2014 from Colorado and continue to experiment in the garden and orchard, field and timber with growing food and medicine.
Favorite Crops & Least Favorite Crops
I love to grow garlic, winter squash, dry beans, corn, onions, tomatoes, greens and root crops but my specialty is fruit trees and I have a 1/2 acre permaculture orchard and am now starting to do a good bit of guerrilla forestry on the property always finding new spots for new fruits and nuts. Additionally, I'm starting to stretch into the timber with edibles, medicinal herbs and mushrooms.
Growing Experience
Growing food
Starting seeds
Growing perennials
Hand pollination
Time Commitment
0-2 hours
Growing Location
Space Available
Kitchen-garden's worth (41 to 100 sq. ft)
Soil Details
I consider myself lucky to be working with a naturally fertile clay loam. At times it seems to contain excessive clay but always surprises with its good drainage yet excellent water-holding capacity. It has a pretty excellent balance lacking only Phosphorus which I add with SRP. I do not irrigate my orchard or garden (only the greenhouse).
Soil Type
Neighbors' Crops (within 1/4 mile)
Corn, soy, alfalfa
Neighbors' crops (within 1 mile)
Corn, soy, alfalfa
Possible GMOs in the neighborhood...
Its the midwest, GMO crop fields are EVERYWHERE. I plant short-season corns in mid-summer to avoid cross-contamination.