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Full Name
Andrew Buchan
Member for
1 year 2 months
Volunteer Background
Head gardener at a vocational college educational farm in the province of Quebec, Canada (zone 5b). We grow more than 30 crops for a horticultural crop production program. We are interested in trialing new crops for our region.
Favorite Crops & Least Favorite Crops
Annual vegetables, mostly. We have expanded our farm recently and are adding perennial fruit. Lately we are wanting to try rice.
Growing Experience
Growing food
Starting seeds
Growing perennials
Hand pollination
Time Commitment
5-10 hrs
Growing Location
Space Available
Small field (10,001 sq. ft. - 1 acre)
Soil Details
Well-drained sandy soil.
Soil Type
Neighbors' Crops (within 1/4 mile)
Corn and soy, possibly alfalfa
Neighbors' crops (within 1 mile)
Corn and soy
Possible GMOs in the neighborhood...
Conventional corn (probably GMO) and alfalfa (maybe not) grown on a separate parcel of the school farm. We do not share fields with them.
Other relevant information
We have a busy schedule growing crops for an agriculture program, but there's also space and interest for innovation and research. We use only organic methods and materials in our fields. However, we recently acquired a portion of the conventional field crop area which is somewhat degraded.